Ornamental Grasses for Your Home Garden

Ornamental grasses are fairly popular and they are extensively used in landscaping and designing home gardens and farms. Ornamental grasses and sedges happen to be quite versatile because they have the capability of adding more texture, color and movement to your garden.

Ornamental grasses can adapt to most soils. They require less- maintenance which makes them ideal for any home garden. The best part is that you can use your imagination and plant them with your perennials or other plants so that they complement each other. They will blend in well and give a wonderful effect to your garden.

You can grow ornamental grasses in your garden to add a vertical presence. They come in many varieties and can be bought from a nursery. Some of them are meant for dry conditions and some of them thrive well in moist or wet conditions. You can choose the one that suits your landscape and makes it more appealing. Most of the comprar grama can be grown from seeds and they produce tiny and colorful flowers during spring season. Some of them can also be propagated by division once they are mature.

Most of the these grasses are native and wild which makes them less susceptible to pests and diseases. If they get their share of ample sunlight and nutrients from the soil, they will thrive and add to the beauty of your garden. Even the slightest breeze makes them move and sway which adds movement to the landscape. You can also attract birds, bees and butterflies to your garden by planting them. Some of the common ones that are used in home gardens are Pink crystals, Tender fountain grass, Lemongrass, Dwarf pampas grass, Ribbon grass, Velvet grass, Blue grama and June grass.

You can plant the ornamental grasses in the spring season so that they grow and develop a healthy root system by the time winter arrives. They can also be planted in fall during August or September month. Provide enough moisture and fertilization so that the plants grow well and become strong. Mulching is required during winter season to protect the plants from frost and cold so you will have to cover the ground with mulch before winter approaches. Most of the ornamental grasses can tolerate drought conditions once they are fully grown and established so you would not really have to worry a lot about care and maintenance.

The low maintenance and numerous benefits make ornamental grasses an ideal choice for home gardens. You can find plenty of good options in a nursery from where you can purchase them. The diversity of these grasses will provide exuberant choices for your landscape.


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