Online Undergraduate Degree – A Skeptic’s Guide

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You want to earn a online undergraduate degree that is legitimate, but you’re skeptical. That’s understandable and you should be. With the sketchy history of distance learning and all of the scam colleges aggressively marketing to you online you’d be crazy not to be skeptical. And who wants to spend your hard-earned, or borrowed, money and sacrifice your time and effort for an education that might be worthless to potential employers? The purpose of this article is to answer your skeptical questions about earning your undergrad degree online.

Does accredited distance learning actually exist?

Yes. There are legitimate schools and online undergraduate mua bằng cấp  programs. The quality and legitimacy of internet degrees and online education has come a long way in recent years and continues to improve. A little time spent on research will go a long way to insuring you make a smart decision about your education. If a school claims to be accredited, research the accrediting agency, and check the databases at the U.S. Department of Education or Council for Higher Education Accreditation.

What about “life experience” degrees?

If you’ve done much research yet, you’ve probably found colleges offering college credits or even entire degrees for life and work experience. If you’ve been hoping these are legitimate degrees, sorry to tell you they aren’t. While there are some legitimate degree and certification programs that allow some credit for work experiences (project management programs, for instance), programs that award full degrees based on life experience are scams.

Steer clear of any schools that promise you can earn your degree in days or weeks. Besides wasting your money, in buying one of these fake degrees, you may actually be participating in criminal activity in some states.

What are diploma mills?

Diploma mills are a scam where you “buy a degree” without putting forth any effort, such as homework, assignments, tests, etc.. A college is probably a diploma mill scam if the only requirement to be accepted is a valid credit card, they charge a flat fee for a degree rather than per course or credit hour.

Is an online undergraduate degree as good as a traditional degree?

Now that we’ve established that an accredited online undergraduate degree exists you may be wondering about the actual quality/value of those degrees.Most research has shown that online undergraduate degree programs can be as effective as a traditional, face-to-face college education. Course content may be similar, if not identical, for both versions of a particular course.


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