Minoxidil Products to Assist in Regrowing Hair

Over the years many cures have been found for many illnesses, afflictions, and general medical and mental problems through the use of science. While some of these cures and treatments have saved lives and returned quality of life to those who lacked it, there are also those advancements which simply assist in everyday concerns. Not everything can be completely cure but scientists will do what they can to search for answers. An every day concern that has been remedied is male pattern baldness.

But as said before, not everything can be completely cured nor fixed, and male pattern baldness is one of those. But scientists have made some strides against the headwind and have produced some real results to keep you from losing your hair.

As of now the FDA has only approved two separate drugs which assist you in regaining your lost hair. Both are backed by many tests which proved their effectiveness. Minoxidil is one such product.

At first Minoxidil was meant to treat those who suffered from high blood pressure. But through the testing Minoxidil actually had been noted to slow the balding process down and in some cases complete reverse it! After this amazing discovery the drug was completely shifted into the hair loss department.

To increase it’s effectiveness, the drug is no longer in a pill form that the original blood pressure medicine came in. It is now a topical foam which you use on your scalp. Because you apply it directly onto your scalp, the place that needs it the most will get the most benefit from it.

Quite a few products out there now use the minoxidil 5 formula within their drugs. Even something as successful as Rogaine puts Minoxidil to use. There are also more generic products out there as well. If the same amount of Minoxidil is used, there will be no real change in effectiveness besides the name and marketing.

When you do use the topical foam products with a Minoxidil base, you need to leave the foam in your hair for hours. Once the foam begins to dry out, you can begin to style your hair as you please, but quite a few out there would rather simply wash it out which can really reduce the effectiveness of the hair regrowth.

Much like a good portion of available medication and therapies, Minoxidil will not work for every single person. Going through an extensive 48 week testing period, only about 51% of men saw hair regrowth when using a Minoxidil concentration of 5%. As they lowered the concentration the percentage went down as well. The front area of the scalp saw quite a bit of regrowth ranging from medium to a large of amount of noticeable regrowth.

You need to remember a some facts when you consider buying a product which has Minoxidil within it. If you quit using the product, you will start to lose your hair again. And as said before, this will not cure your hair loss, it will however slow and reverse the problem. You should also know that because of the formula which includes alcohol, a few people will have a dryer scalp that can become itchy and produce dandruff.

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