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Tampa Air Conditioning Service Has It’s Own Set of Challenges

Although every area of the country poses specific HVAC challenges, AC service in Tampa has it’s own unique demands. Because the Tampa, Florida area experiences extreme heat and humidity several months in the year, having an energy efficient office climate control system is extremely vital to maintaining proper indoor air quality and avoiding huge energy bills.

Companies in Tampa have spent hundreds and thousands of dollars on inefficient office air conditioning systems when instead they could be putting those dollars towards their bottom line:

• Today’s energy efficient systems use up to 50% less energy than those created in the 1970’s
• Retrofitting an office AC system from 10 years ago will save 20% on cooling costs
• Cooling systems, in particular are the most energy intensive and consume the majority of energy costs
• Ductwork leaks or gaps can increase office AC costs

Office Air Conditioning Considerations

How do Tampa companies respond to these unique set of commercial climate control challenges? Many companies are turning to an energy efficient AC service in Tampa. By examining your office AC system, HVAC specialists can identify design or installation weaknesses and either create a new system or make critical revisions to the existing equipment. Some ways to increase your indoor air quality and efficiencies is to:

• Add insulation and Lake nona Florida air conditioning repair leaks and gaps where air may be escaping
• Install energy efficient windows
• Use energy efficient lighting systems
• Choose office equipment that reduces heat output
• Avoid blocking air vents with furniture

Tampa Air Conditioning Repairs and Maintenance

Finding the best Tampa AC repair and maintenance company is no easy task. Tampa business owners should find a locally owned and operated company that has years of experience working with energy efficient climate control systems and performing air conditioning repairs.

Hill York is the answer to many Tampa air conditioning repairs and maintenance woes. With over 74 years in the business, Hill York is a Tampa favorite for office AC repairs, maintenance, design and installation. Have an emergency? No problem. We respond to all emergency calls 24/7. We are also the only MSCA Green Star certified mechanical contractor recognized by USGBC in Florida.


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