Immigration – Personal Experience to Canada

Most of newcomers suffer a lot when they first come to Canada, so I would like to share some valuable information about how to settle smartly and quickly in Canada. I’m writing here about preparing my landing and my first year in Canada.

My plan was as follow: to go with my small family of three to Canada to do landing and receive our Permanent Resident Card, which takes between 4 to 9 weeks, and explore the Canada job search. So if I could get a job then I can go back to my country sell my furniture, car, and pack my staff and go to Canada to start my new life.

That’s really what happened. I landed in Canada and worked actively with community centers and collected lots of information about Canadian job market and culture, and guess what? I could get a job as IT Project Manager after 80 days of landing. Everybody in Canada told me that this is a record and rarely happens. The secret is: you have to have a high positive spirit, be motivated, don’t listen to losers, and the most important don’t take survival job … your job search is your FULL time job. So i went back to my original country packed up everything, sold my car, furniture, and stuff and came back to Canada to start my new life.

It’s vital to try to collect as much information as you can from trusted resources like government websites and personal experiences; and always verify everything you hear from people. People who are unable to find a job in their profession are most likely to miss some skills that are required in the Canadian competitive market; like English communication skills (which is the key for any job), licenses for Engineers and Doctors, and other inter-personal skills.

I encourage everybody to consider professional certificates from a globally recognized institutes. For example in my case, as I’m an IT Project Manager, I worked hard to achieve my PMP (Project Management Professional) certificate, and that helped me so much in my career in Canada.


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