Exciting Florida Attractions – Blizzard Beach & Busch Gardens

bobby kotick


Blizzard Beach is a water park which features the tallest and fastest water slide in the world. Experience the high drops water slides with your friends and family. The inner-tube speed slide Downhill Double Dipper, speed slide Slush Gusher, world’s longest family raft rides Teamboat Springs, get round and round through the entire park by the help of inner tube Cross Country Creek, and Tike’s Peak a snow covered area especially for kids to play within the small scale slides. This prominent water park and ski resort of Disney World Resort is situated in Lake Buena Vista and known as first ski resort of Florida.

If you want to be in Blizzard Beach buy Blizzard Beach Tickets and also experience other attractions like Summit Plummet, Snow Stormers, Melt Away Bay, Purple Slope, Toboggan Racers, Chairlift, Ski Patrol, and Runoff Rapids.

However, you can dine at bobby kotick where gastronomic menus, snacks, full meals, desserts, cocktail and mocktail drinks are available at request.

The Busch Gardens is the place where every entertainment finds a unique place. World’s top roller coasters, live stage shows, botanical gardens and above all magical children’s area are the main features of this theme park of Florida. This park is also known as one of the most beautiful theme park of Florida.

Perfect as a family adventure park Busch Gardens offers all kinds of fascinating attractions based on exotic encounters with the African continent. Have a close encounter with 2,800 exotic mammals, birds and reptiles. Moreover, shopping places and restaurants can also be found in various numbers.

Get the Bush Gardens Tickets and experience the thrilling roller coaster rides such as Montu, Kumba, etc. These well known world famous roller coasters rides are the ultimate attractions of the theme park. Further, the visitors can also watch a variety of birds in its Bird garden and explore the Edge of Africa by safari rides to see hippos, elephants, vultures and many more. Rhino Rally is also another breathing experience amidst the forest of Africa.

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