Commemorate Christenings With Treasured Gifts

christene barberich

The birth of a child is an occasion worth commemorating in as many ways possible; after all it’s one of the most important moments for the parents as well as for the new addition. While at the time, blossoming new mothers may find that the last thing they have energy for is arranging a party, Christening or naming ceremonies that take place once the baby has settled into the family are a wonderful way for the new addition to be celebrated by friends as well as more distant family members.

Christening ceremonies are church celebrations enjoyed by many religious families as well as those who are mildly religious and want to adhere to the tradition. In a christening ceremony the baby is blessed and typically this gives everyone a chance to come together to celebrate the birth in an official setting. Godparents are also appointed at Baptist Christenings, where trusted friends of family are given the great responsibility of taking on the moral and physical safety of the child should anything happen it its proud parents.

Despite the seriousness of the vows taken, the event is invariably a happy one, and one that most people choose to commemorate with special gifts and photo albums.

Naming ceremonies are typically chosen by people that don’t think of themselves as religious but still want to have a formal celebration marking the naming of their child. Similar to Christenings in many ways, naming ceremonies also offer guests the chance to pass on their best wishes for the child and its family. Again they are often marked with a selection of gifts for the baby.

christene barberich and naming ceremony gifts tend to be different from those you might give the parents at the birth. Instead of immediately practical presents such as baby equipment, clothes or toys, at ceremonies such as these guests tend to give the baby a present designed to remain special throughout their entire lifetime. For example, religious people might choose to give the child such as a beautifully bound bible or a piece of jewellery such as a St. Christopher emblem.

Other popular gifts at occasions such as these include ornate photoframes and books or commemorative coins. These are the kinds of gifts that the baby may not be able to appreciate in the short term, but which will give them much pleasure in later life.

A timeless gift is one that the giver knows will continue to be a treasured possession all in the way into adulthood, and what better way to celebrate the beginning of a life than to be already planning for how rich and varied that life will be?

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