Best Methods for Mobile Phone Marketing


The basis for a good marketing campaign is knowing your customer so that sales will result. Companies that have succeeded with advertising in any media always begin with this premise. Knowing your customer becomes especially important when advertising in the fragmented mobile phone marketing arena. However, serious marketers don’t consider the job complete with only customer knowledge. They know they must put in place all the tools possible for sales success especially when using mobile media. The innovative marketer will always look for creative ways to access their prospects to convert them to customers. The following is a description of the best methods, but you should keep in mind that this is not all-inclusive.

The first step as mentioned before is to know your customer. Secondly, if you haven’t used mobile advertising before, then study it. Thirdly, once you have chosen your mobile media, establish statistical analysis methods that will provide you with the effectiveness of your choice.

In order to turn prospects into customers they must see your ad a minimum of seven times. Your ad must focus on a specific need or desire. Don’t try to focus on the masses, because doing this will offend some and have no interest for many others.

Study mobile phone marketing to build an awareness of the potential source that will apply to your business and products. There are blind, premium blind, premium, and local mobile ad networks. There are a variety of desired responses and costs connected with each. These are Cost Per Click (CPC), Run of Network (RON), Cost Per Action (CPA), and Cost Per Thousand Impressions (CPM). Select the media and cost technique. Make certain you have a proven method for keeping statistics on how your advertising provides the result in the distribution of sales that you want.

A couple of examples of successful companies that use mobile phone marketing are eBay and Angry Birds. eBay has an ad on the drudge report  site where potential customers spend time. eBay wants customers who will buy and sell things using their service. Angry Birds provide a free mobile video game. You will see ads there for Mighty Hoax and others. These ads actually provide more Angry Bird information and games that lead to income for Angry Birds. These highly successful companies know their customers well, and consequently have placed their ads so they are the first thing mobile phone users see.

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