A Healthy Valentine’s Day Gift of Newman’s Own Organic Chocolate & Laughter


A good sense of humor is reported to be one of the most important factors in a relationship. “Chocolate & Chuckles” offers a chance to laugh together and share a favorite treat. This new Valentine’s Day product combo benefits two good causes. The Chocolate comes from Newman’s Own® Organics where Paul Newman gives away all his royalty payments after taxes to educational and charitable organizations, and the Chuckles come from the Laugh It Off CD, which benefits HeyUGLY.org, a non-profit that helps teens develop self-esteem. Wrapped in fun wrapping paper, Chocolate and Chuckles will not only tickle everyone’s funny bone with 60 minutes of contagious laughter on the CD, it will also delight the most discerning palettes.

“We wanted to have a product that would be healthy for Valentine’s Day while benefitting two great causes,” said Betty Hoeffner, President and co-founder of Hey U.G.L.Y., Inc., NFP. “When we developed our Laugh It Off CD, we extensively researched laughter’s health benefits which include stress reduction, heart health and weight loss. We wanted to pair our CD with another ‘vaultofsuccess.com ‘ health enhancing product which is why we selected the 2.8 oz Dark Chocolate from Newman’s Own Organic. What makes you feel better than laughter and chocolate, especially dark chocolate?” According to a study led by Penny Kris-Etherton, PhD, RD, professor of nutrition at Penn State University, people who ate a diet rich in cocoa powder and dark chocolate had lower oxidation levels of bad LDL cholesterol, higher blood antioxidant levels, and 4 percent higher levels of good HDL cholesterol.”

“We source our organic chocolate from producers in Central and South America,” explains Nell Newman, found of Newman’s Own Organics and daughter of the famous actor. “All the cacao used has been raised in a natural, rainforest setting by people whose history with the cacao tree goes back over 3,000 years.”

Hey U.G.L.Y. Inc., NFP is a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit organization whose mission is to empower teens with self-esteem building tools, to help them counter challenges such as eating disorders, bullying, violence, substance abuse and suicide. U.G.L.Y. is an acronym meaning: Unique Gifted Lovable You. Hey U.G.L.Y. is founded on the belief that heightened self-esteem in today’s youth is the key to helping them deal with day-to-day peer pressure and challenge. Their interactive website, heyugly.org, features quotes about self-esteem and body image by celebrities, contests, self-esteem building articles and exercises. The Hey U.G.L.Y. in-school curriculum called M-POWER is available to middle- and high-schools across the country.

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